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time travel

  1. T

    Ingenuity (first page)

    Sci-fi/humour thing I'm editing at the moment. It was a result of trying to put more detail into my writing, and went from "short story for school project" to my English teacher saying "short stories, Theo, short". - My legs burned as I ran faster to make the relative cover of the tree farm. I...
  2. T

    New guy writing here and there... needs some of that stuff they talk bout call Focus.

    I'm writing bits and snippets from a story that covers a vast world that lives in my mind and has for years. It lacks cohesion and substance. Hangs on major points of occurances and action-packed changes of scenery either brought on or forced upon the cast of characters all of whom are very...
  3. K

    A Second Opinion on my Worldbuilding

    (Not sure if this is the right place for it) So I'm writing a sort of time traveling Sci-Fi/Fantasy story, that takes place on an earth-like planet. The end result is hopefully going to be an episodic Odyssey across the various periods with varying protagonists. I honestly like the timeline for...
  4. ShatteredUniverse

    SOLARIS: The New Earth

  5. ShatteredUniverse

    ShatteredUniverse has Arrived

    ShatteredUniverse Has Arrived! :D Hello, WritingForums.com! My most common online username is ShatteredUniverse, but you can call me John (since that's my real name). Please, refrain from calling me a variant of John, however, like Johnnie or John-boy. Or Queen. Never, ever, call me Queen. I...
  6. Razzazzika

    A small time-travel-ish scene tidbit(Urban Fantasy)(939 words)[so far]

    I relayed the time to Bruce. Bruce's eyes looked skyward a moment, or maybe into his head. He started mumbling things under his breath. I heard random words like 'under two days' and 'bubble' and 'is it safe?'. Finally he seemed to decide on something and yelled, "I have a solution!" I squinted...