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  1. Dave Watson

    Adonias Low - Betas required

    TITLE - Adonias Low / The Low Man GENRE - Western / Horror (see other info) WORD COUNT - 103k BLURB - Murder. Robbery. Kidnapping. Incest. Welcome to Napa Valley, California, 1891 . To lawmen and bad men alike, The Low Man is a ghost story. The most feared bounty hunter to ever walk...
  2. gerdun


    Chapter 1 John’s body felt like it had smashed headfirst into a wall of physical and emotional exhaustion. He stared into the mirror of the rusted cream Nissan Vanette and saw the guilt in his puffy, bloodshot eyes. The image of his wife’s departure from their crumbling eight-year marriage...
  3. Elsey2

    Excerpt - Shadows of Ivy

    I wandered into the back corner of the library and slunk down into a chair at the same small table I had recently chosen as my study spot. Every library I’d ever been in smelled the same; like fifty-year old paper and dust. It was a scent I could recall dating back to elementary school when our...
  4. drumzii

    "Inner Demons" 2nd extract by Neal Drummond (language caution. mature theme)

    2nd extract from "Inner Demons". Essex, February 1968. "Pass it 'ere then" Jane sat up, reaching for the pipe. Hair stuck across her face, she realized she had fallen asleep on the floor with her head in a spilt drink. There was no response, bar a sleepy whimper from Rupert, her boyfriend...
  5. drumzii

    "Inner Demons" extract by Neal Drummond (language caution)

    This is a small part of my story "Inner Demons" which follows the life of Billy Haywood, a 25 year old drug addict from South London. The story started out following his abusive childhood, which led him into a life of criminality and drug abuse, and then eventually tells the story of his...
  6. M

    She Sea's (Short Story; mild language)

    Here is a short story I did. Mostly Dialogue: Even though Brad had lived in Galveston for ten months now. He had not seen the lights of the Southern Texas town at night like this before. From his vantage point in his lighthouse at the edge of town, which stood out from the small huts and beach...
  7. Elsey2

    Title Ideas Anyone?

    I've been playing with ideas for titles of a book I'm writing. The story is a mixture of mystery/thriller/romance. It revolves around a secret society at a pristine college. Does anyone have any ideas for a good title? This is something I get stuck on whenever I write.
  8. Y

    Bridges (Parts 1 & 2)

    This is the beginnings of a short story about a civil rights movement between right and left-brained people. There will be setting development later on in the story, but for right now, I'm trying to get a feel for the characters and their thoughts towards themselves. Bridges “Breathe,” Tafari...
  9. TheWizard

    The Doctor: Warning, violence and terror await{WIP-Two parts up}

    Welcome, I hope my title has at least somewhat grabbed your attention! I always find titles one of the most important things, so hopefully I gone done good! Anyway! This is an experimental piece I am working on, all in first person from various perspectives and characters. Hopefully it isn't too...
  10. H

    The shabby Australian (10) (434 words) warning: Adult language

    Chapter 9 Back with Frank and I…. The two men stared at the car not moving, not saying a word. Time passed. The car door opened and a man got out, dressed in Hawaiian shorts and a faded Sri Lanka T-shirt a sunset emblazoned across it. The man began to casually walk over. “Hi” the...
  11. H

    Half Moon Hypothesis (3) (short)

    Chapter 2 I was hard at work in the rigours of Research and development. I had exceeded all expectations and was driving a new field of science frontiers never thought possible. However the thought of talking to another human being brought me out in a cold sweat, teaching a class unthinkable...
  12. H

    Half Moon Hypothesis (not very long)

    Chapter one I was a little man, a crooked man with an equally crooked six year old daughter. We were firm friends as well as being father and daughter. My name was Garfield. I worked at home in cantankerous safety. I laughed and played with my daughter while tinkering and tailoring with my...
  13. M

    L.A's Gutter (Opening) (Language)

    Hi, this is my first ever attempt at a script because I wanted to have a break from just writing novels. So this is an opening to a story I have- yes there probably be quite a lot of mistakes but I would love to write a full script so feedback would be appreciated, thanks. :) L.A’s Gutter...
  14. M

    L.A's Gutter: First Chapter

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to have a look at my novel set 1948 Los Angeles. The story is about a struggling detective who finds is step father dead, along with two little girls. Wanting to find the reason for the deaths he finds himself put in a downward spiral of corrupt Hollywoodland...
  15. B

    "Sensitive"/Psychic Characters

    Alright. I am currently working out a paranormal/thriller novel. My question to you all is simply this: do you think the "sensitive", or unknowingly psychic character, overdone in the genre? I was thinking about making one of my main characters one of those "sensitive" types but now I am not...
  16. MisterTribute

    Death Carnival (Chapter One) [YA]

    So here's the first draft of Death Carnival. [Synopsis] Opinions, criticisms, advises, and comments are all accepted. Forgive me if my writing is bad. I'm still fourteen. :lemo: One Panting for life—all three of us are out of breath. The two of them are now fighting. I quickly hide behind...
  17. MisterTribute

    Death Carnival (Synopsis) [YA]

    I'm just starting to write this story, and I'd love to know your opinions on its Synopsis. (I know it's weird. I'm still on the first chapter of the story but I already have a synopsis. Actually, I finished the first three books ONLY the imagery in my mind. Now I am writing it down in words.)...
  18. MJCaan

    Earth's First 2 (LANGUAGE)

    Another installment of my Earth's Frist novel. copyright2012 all rights reserved Hell's Kitchen, New York One Year Later The smoke was so thick that Maura was starting to understand how the phrase "cut it with a knife" had come about. Although in this bar, she was pretty sure that...
  19. G

    War Story

    Hi everyone! I am incredibly new to writing, with a few essays under my belt. I am going to try doing a "Can I write a story?" experiment! Please let me know about your Tips and Tricks! I can use all the advice that you have! I have a considerable amount of experience with Military themes...
  20. T

    Excerpt From My First Book "Mad World"

    There is an intro chapter but I will not include it in this post because it needs a lot of editing. I will provide a brief summary of the contents of it though. 5 people wake up in a cellar that's sealed from the inside. They don't know who or were they are or how they got there. They decide to...