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  1. Moon Child


    I've been watching Christmas films (still have a long playlist to get through) and one thing that crops up a lot is Christmas traditions. So, thought we could share some? I'll go first.. My tradition from birth to about five years ago was being dragged around the supermarket on Christmas Eve...
  2. Heid

    Adapting for theatre (though I have no experience)

    I am reading a book that I feel would be ideal for a stage adaptation. However, even though I am a freelance writer, I have no experience writing for theatre productions. It's actually been a while since I even saw a play. Apart from absorbing myself in theatre culture, what advice can anyone...
  3. PeteMalicki


    My latest effort. Feminocracy © Pete Malicki 2010 Cast Dave – the last man on Earth Katrin – a young journalist Eleanor – sexy and youthful Amanda – another attractive, young woman Carla – a ditsy blonde...