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the uncle dennis’s brain

  1. Dyadyushka Denis

    The Uncle Dennis’s Brain and a foresty beard

    Once upon a time, in winter, Uncle Denis decided to grow a foresty beard to stroke it during gardening thoughts. When Uncle Denis\'s Brain has learned about it, he was terribly against it, because, as he thought, to have a foresty beard is not a Tsar thing.
 Uncle Denis\'s Brain decided to make...
  2. Dyadyushka Denis

    The Uncle Dennis’s Brain, the Great and Mighty Tsar (Immortal Father the Tsar)

    Uncle Dennis has the Uncle Dennis’s Brain. The Uncle Dennis’s Brain is inside the vacuum brainpan. Also, it has an extraordinary ability to generate various ideas in a random way. Uncle Dennis might be just sitting, being busy with something – and look! Here is an unexpected idea. Moreover, even...