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  1. A

    Tatty Berry's tales of woe and immense stupidity!

    This is my first ever thread post, and suffice to say, I am a little nervous, excited and curious to hear what you think! This is the opening chapter from a teen novel that I've just started writing. It is a collection of embarrassing tales, which have supporting illustrations and their primary...
  2. Glyph

    Just something I'm working on. *Explicit Language, Sensitive Issues*

    Hi, amateur writer here. This is a very basic story I've started to work on recently. Critiques would be great, and I hope it's somewhat appealing. *** You idiot, you idiot, you idiot, you idiot, you idiot, you idiot! The words repeated in my head. I was supposed to wake up four fucking hours...
  3. E

    Next 500 words of my YA fantasy/adventure novel

    So I wanted to post the first chapter for review, but I get bored while editing so I'm doing it a page at a time instead! Which seems to be about 500 words on average, so I'm happy with that. Any advice is greatly appreciated! I've kept on the last paragraph of the first bit I posted. If you...
  4. G

    Hi I'm Goggles!

    Hi I'm Goggles! I love to write and compose exciting stories! Hope to meet you all soon!:untroubled: ~Goggles
  5. M

    Bloody Lovely - Book 1: In the Clutches

  6. X

    Hey There! ;)

    My name is Alyssa and I am a teen who is pretty crazy in an epic way =D REPLY to this because I want to talk to the awesome people who read this =)
  7. P

    Teen adventure/romance

    These are chapters 1, 2 and part of 3 of a novel I'm attempting to write. PLEASE feel free to critique, and don't be afraid to be blunt. This is sort of a first draft, so it may feel like things are missing in some areas. CHAPTER 1 Mother’s hands were perfect, Robin thought. Her fingers were...
  8. P

    Advice on a Title

    I'm writing a book that consists of four novelas. The theme for all the titles is music, each is also the title of a song. Seize the Day: Fourteen-year-old cocaine dealer who ends up in several fights that end in the deaths of a close friend and his pregnant thirteen-year-old girlfriend...