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  1. Chris Stevenson

    Nabbing and Keeping an Agent

    Get ready to submit to an agent when you have a completed, polished manuscript, an intro query letter, a full synopsis, a little bio paragraph, credit list, some social media links and maybe a brief marketing plan. I just found out about a year ago that series really DO sell. I didn't...
  2. S

    Help and Feedback Needed for my Synopsis

    I’ve been playing this story idea for a while now and what I find helps me is writing a synopsis. I have written and re-wrote it several times and would love some outsider feedback as my brain is too close to it. I strive to improve my writing in all possible ways. Thank you :) Title...
  3. debideb

    Your thoughts on this synopsis

    Hello dear freinds and critics! My novel is done and I am in the process of doing the 5th editing pass. I have a synopsis and would like your thoughts. I have had a few bites from agents, of course have not heard back as of yet but am wondering if it could be stronger. Any thoughts or ideas...
  4. Pongy

    A synopsis for a screenplay.

    Hi there, I'm working on a synopsis for a screenplay, please have a look and comment - it's supposed to be a comedy so try to see it from the bright side. Kind regards Pongy --- SUNSET BEACH BY PONGY Synopsis URL: goo.gl/nnXu BENNY Yo, I think I got...