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  1. Elsey2

    Mischief Night - Part 1

    Crisp, autumn leaves danced over the asphalt in the parking lot at West River High School. Tori Lane fiddled with the keys to her silver Oldsmobile and hugged her body as a gust of wind washed over the campus of the small New England town. She pulled the hood of her sweatshirt up to cover...
  2. drumzii

    "Inner Demons" extract by Neal Drummond (language caution)

    This is a small part of my story "Inner Demons" which follows the life of Billy Haywood, a 25 year old drug addict from South London. The story started out following his abusive childhood, which led him into a life of criminality and drug abuse, and then eventually tells the story of his...
  3. L

    Jesse Owens *working title* (Graphic Violence) (Language)

    Jesse Owens By: Lucifer (A.G.G.) (Looking for critiques of any kind, I know some grammar and some of my punctuation is off so feel free to tear me a new one! I also for the life of me could NOT get the spacing at the beginning of my paragraphs every time I preview post it always aligns to...
  4. WriterJohnB

    New novel, "Wendigo"

    WENDIGO is the second novel in the Shadow Fletcher series (the first was WOLFWRAITH.) Shadow, a one-handed, Native American, ex-marine, has recently been assigned as a park ranger at Breaks Interstate Park, on the Virginia/Kentucky border. It's rugged country and is billed as the "Grand Canyon...
  5. F

    Any Good Medical Mysteries?

    I personally LOVE books that have a medical mystery in them. They are so riveting and they just give me chills. However, when I dive into my local libraries I can't find any books that are mysteries based off of medical practice. If you have any recommendations please share so I can load up my...
  6. I

    TWISTED ( a short story)

    TWISTED by IamBum Dawn. Rachelle is running into the woods. Barefoot. Her face is flushed and her dress is stained with mud. She’s running as fast as she can, not minding the painful scratches the twigs are giving her. There are a few visible scratches on her arms and feet. The leaves...
  7. W

    Death Valley(1000 words)

    This is a historical fiction/ suspense novel that I have completed based in 1870s Central Africa. Here's the plot: The discovery of the nineteenth century is made when a Belgian expedition stumbles upon a canyon 2000 feet deep in the Congo jungle. However, the dream turns into a nightmare when...
  8. Shpob

    Adhahra: A Novelette

    Adhahra: A Novelette Mystari child come away Little Dreamer of the day Listen close to what I say— Discard heart’s dormant anger Lest you lure the Dream Eater Do not Dream without great care Or you’ll draw its starry stare Do not heed its drumming call And most important of all Remember the...
  9. M

    Greetings from a new writer

    Hi, everyone: I'm new to the forum and just wanted to say hi. I've been writing for a while. I went through a screenwriting phase, received a few nibbles, but nothing substantial, and then switched back to prose to write my first novel, which I'm trying to finish up during the quiet...
  10. S

    Success Story

    I've been lurking on this site for a long time and finally decided to post. Previously I've posted my material on here for critique and have gotten some great suggestions. Today, it finally paid off. Jericho's Walls was officially published and is available! Since we sometimes see negative...
  11. M

    Blood Winter

    It is begging to snow as I make my way up the darkening dirt road. The sun’s rays had faded just ten minutes before but night was hasty in its occupation of the skies. I make a left turn onto Miller Road; glad I have just three miles of driveway before pulling into my garage. And then I see...