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  1. Tomkat

    Oceanic Planet - Temperature Condition

    Hello friends. I thought to set a story on an oceanic planet. I envisioned this planet as being completely covered in water, with no landmasses. The temperature would be high, like at boiling point, leaving the surface constantly hidden by steam. Now, it makes no sense right? Or maybe...
  2. N

    Existential Crisis

    I have never really been a fan of Nietzsche or any such philosophy maestros. I have actually always thought of myself as an actual philosopher, ha! But I took a long break from my love for writing when I started delving myself in everything that was just supposed to keep me busy. But, it never...
  3. Apex Predator

    Excerpt from "Roland's Journal" **language warning

    [This is a snippet of a writing exercise which I have writing for a creative writing class. Hopefully you all enjoy it]. DAY 365 Well journal, I guess we should feel proud of our selves. It’s been a year since the outbreak and my little sister and I are still alive...
  4. L

    Jesse Owens *working title* (Graphic Violence) (Language)

    Jesse Owens By: Lucifer (A.G.G.) (Looking for critiques of any kind, I know some grammar and some of my punctuation is off so feel free to tear me a new one! I also for the life of me could NOT get the spacing at the beginning of my paragraphs every time I preview post it always aligns to...
  5. E

    The courier (working title)

    Author's notes: I brushed off the dust on this writing after two years, after considering most of the comments written about it, I'm motivated to work on it again, and thanks to those who had made honest comments on this piece two years before; it helped me make it much better. This story, is...
  6. G

    Sci-Fi War Story!

    Hello everyone! This is my first real attempt at writing, so please take into account that the most I have written before this is an essay or two. Background: Somehow (still working on it) aliens have landed. They are purple blooded, Predator-sounding Humanoids. They have set up a base...
  7. F


    It was never going to be this cold again. That was the last thing he heard on the radio before it cut out. He was alone now in his box. Watching his breath blow into the space between the walls. He wondered how long it had been since he had eaten. He wished he could starve. He had tried but...