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  1. B

    Researching Writer Safety Issues

    We're running a survey on safety issues affecting authors, open to 30th March, which groups including Alli and the Crime Writers Association are supporting. We're trying to find out how common problems like online harrassment etc. actually are and writers' opinions on them. It's completely...
  2. C

    Survey: 10 Questions to Provide Critical Information to Cancer Patients

    Hello Everyone, My name is Dave Rider; known to many of you as ClosetWriter. A little over two years ago I was told that I had two years to live. I had advanced and aggressive prostate cancer. Long story short. I was told I was going to die Jan of 2015. I am still here, and doing well. I have...
  3. theusedfire5

    Need Some Help Collecting Basic Info

    I am working on a book based around the variety of basic beliefs that are in society today and how they impact everyone, to be brief. I developed a survey to gather people's input on just the basics to start. However, I need more people than have taken it so far. If you have 5-10 minutes I would...