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  1. M

    Monsters in Broad Daylight (Short Story)

    Hey guys, here is a surrealist short story that I wrote recently. Thank you for reading :-) Monsters in Broad Daylight Isn’t it odd the tactics parents use to win an argument. For instance, walking out the door knowing that an eight year old boy was too vulnerable to the dark corners of a...
  2. M

    The Song of Silence (Short Story)

    Hey guys, here is a short story that I wrote. It is surreal and steps loosely into fantasy. Thanks. The Song of Silence The desert road was a rod across the sand. Sparse emptiness either side. Just what Henry wanted. He also wanted the bump on Mary’s stomach to stop leaving an empty gap...
  3. polaroidcaesar

    A Ghost Story (4492 words) (WIP)

    I should note that this is incomplete and very much WIP. However, I wanted to get some feedback about whether the shifting perspective works, and if the premise itself is compelling. I It is raining today, like it has been every day for the past weeks. I am watching the rain hit the dirty...
  4. S

    Experimental Fiction Online

    Hello all. I'm new, so hi. I'm a big fan of experimental fiction - anything surreal, absurd or bizarre and I also likes stories that subvert accepted form, style and genre expectations. I have two questions in relations to this: 1. Does anyone know a good site to read experimental fiction...
  5. C

    Eyes Like Cutaneous Membranes of Sharks (Surrealist Valentines)