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  1. Lordoomer

    I have this idea for a book named Doomer the Shadow of Death

    It's about a guy who got killed by a violent gang of radical leftists because he was falsely accused of rape by their gang leader , but when he died, he had his chance of coming back to life if he won a game of Chess against the Grim Reaper, but if he loose then he goes to his earned afterlife...
  2. MJCaan

    Earth's First- 3rd part (no language). Thoughts?

    One more excerpt from my book. What do you think Copyright August 1012 All Rights Reserved He flew low, just feet above the water’s surface. He wasn’t sure if their radar could pick him up, but it wasn’t worth risking. Even though their surface to air defenses posed no threat to him, it...
  3. B

    New writer

    Hi, my name is Alex and I've written a story about superheroes. It's a coming of age story about the son in the story. I hope to be able to publish it here soon! Link deleted by admin