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  1. B

    "The Totem Archive 02/13" - Superhero Fantasy - 1,781 words

    From The Buffalo, NY Feature Article! (Vs. Random and Rad!Cal) The Buffalo Scroll Sunday February 24, 2013 Planned Randomness: Totem in Western NY by Chuck Wallace Some reporters catch a lucky break, and turn that fortune into a career. Jon Sentra is an example of this. He was a court...
  2. S

    Hawk: Part 1- Genesis (First 18 pages of novel)

    (Looking for critique and improvements. Story is superhero fiction. Character's voice is supposed to sound like everyday speech and can sound immature or like not good writing. I promise you it mostly goes away later on. This is not my first story and I don't normally write in this manner...
  3. MJCaan

    Issue with Amazon KDP

    Has anyone else found that the categories listed in the Kindle bookstore do not match the categories available to enter your book in KDP? I can't seem to find the superhero category in KDP, which is where my novel belongs. I've tried customer support, but in all honesty, they are either not...
  4. MJCaan

    What category for Superhero novel?

    I just finished my first novel, and it is now available on Amazon. It's a superhero novel, a genre I think is under served, but I can't decide what category it belongs in. It's more adult oriented, and since it's a novel I didn't want to place it in the comics section. Any ideas? Thanks, MJ
  5. MJCaan

    What's your favorite Superhero Novel

    Have you read many Superhero novels? The majority of the ones I've read are based off of graphic novels, or are generic DC/ Marvel stand alones. One notable exception is Wonder Woman, by John Byrne, which is an actual novel. Thanks, MJ
  6. MJCaan

    Earth's First 2 (LANGUAGE)

    Another installment of my Earth's Frist novel. copyright2012 all rights reserved Hell's Kitchen, New York One Year Later The smoke was so thick that Maura was starting to understand how the phrase "cut it with a knife" had come about. Although in this bar, she was pretty sure that...
  7. MJCaan

    Earth's First (LANGUAGE)

    I've been working on this for a few months now. It's a superhero/ thriller novel. THe MC is a single mother in an abusive relationship. One day, she finds she has the power to fight back, but soon discovers that not only has she been changed, but so has the world around her. And not for the...