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  1. B


    <<<<<This one is pretty short and sweet, and I usually write in free verse. Let me know your thoughts!>>>>>>>>> Orange twists and lemon pie Something sweet like summertime Sun-baked sunscreen and whiskey rye I wish we could do this all the time But the sun goes down and the grass turns brown...
  2. belthagor

    Freezing During Summer

    Hello WritingForums community, please read this as more of a journal entry or guide instead of an essay. I have had trouble cooling myself in the summer, due to various reasons. The main is, it is more expensive to cool yourself than heat yourself. Yet I have found ways around this. The main...
  3. mblank

    The Cliff Diving Dilemma - 300 word flash fiction

    Hi everyone. I'm new to writing forums and this is the first story I'm posting. I appreciate any comments or thoughts! The Cliff Diving Dilemma Pretty Pete stood staring over the precipice, his mouth drying as he gazed at the sparkling water sixty feet below. He...
  4. A

    Reeded Melody

    . Amber reeds, pliant in the summer wind swaying, dancing- synchronised now syncopated and back again shouting then singing xanthine etudes boisterous and raucous, bright and nimble- supple as lips that plant fond kisses on a soft, smooth* cheek. . ______________________ *not so sure...
  5. M


    Blue cedar so tall with summer’s cones so fragile pollen fills the air
  6. Richard.E.Craig

    Paradise Summers: Reminiscences of Childhood No1 By R.E.Craig

    Remember how-when we were young we ran among the golden meadow. Remember those sweet summer days by the cool burbling brook that ran at the foot of the bottom field. Remember how-as kids we played-how life was then forever. How days were blue and the sun shone hot upon our little pink backs...
  7. J

    The Cold Summer Rain

    This was a memoir i wrote awhile ago…God i hope the girl this was written about doesn’t see this. The Cold Summer Rain I was lying on my bed, with my face down engulfed by the cool threads of my pillow. Unlike every high school senior who was...