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  1. thefloridapoet

    NEEDED ASAP Poems for Dr's & Nurses Week Mayo Clinic Jax, FL

    Calling all Poets and writers! Submit your poems and/or uplifting, cheerful, inspirational message to the staff at Mayo clinic and Hospital in Jacksonville, FL this week through until May 12th for Poem-in-your pocket and National Nurses Week.... Nurses poem themed, Florence Nightingale...
  2. Galen

    Smashwords Forum Seeking Submissions for 2015 Anthology

    SWF's goal is to produce an anthology (eBook) that represents the diversity and talent of our members. Participants in the anthology will use the anthology as a marketing tool. At this time, the anthology will be free. Send submissions to Ria Stone at [email protected] Format: Short...
  3. Raging_Hopeful

    CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - The Abstract Quill

    The Abstract Quill is now open and accepting fiction/short stories, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork submissions for the June publication. I have been a long time member of WF and am so proud to be able to premiere this publication among this writing community. Please stop by our new digs at The...
  4. S

    Book Submission - and the 3 chapter rule

    Hi there, Just had a question re book submissions for novels. I hear a lot of talk about 3 chapters being the standard for submission - but what if your chapters are really short? Do the same rules apply? Should one condense things and push them together to make less chapters - even if there...