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  1. E

    Hello everyone! How are you? Did I craft a good enough villain?

    Hi all, my name is Liam. I will be 25 this year on November 12 and I am an aspiring novelist. I am looking to turn my creation into a video game, a Crunchyroll series, and then a Netflix live-action. Writing these stories about hybrid royal families is quite important to me because I am mostly...
  2. misstee


    I miss her. No I don’t. In the eyes of the sinner the white is god. In the pale murky depths of my soul I see good intentions I reach out, grab, scratch as the world flickers past me at a speed only a demon knows. In the eyes of me, she is beauty. I surrender my bones to the grasp of her...
  3. Robert


    Poetry is a compacted compilation of human thought and emotion. There is a higher concentration of communication within the syllables of poetry than exists in entire paragraphs of prose. Poetry is a medium that is meant to be individually discovered and digested. Each person sees...