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  1. Pueliquiss

    Does anyone else struggle with plot structure?

    I majorly struggle when it comes to plot structure. I write mostly romance, and I want my reader to fall in love with my characters falling in love, so I let them see all aspects of them getting to know each other. It works for me, but sometimes I feel like it can drag on and may make my reader...
  2. M

    Structuring a story around preparing for a super power fight foreseen months into the future

    Typically a story will be like a chain of domino's one event comes after another. This typically provides a guiding hand in deciding what comes next in a story. If a enemies storm the base of the heroes, a fight starts. If a comrade dies, the heroes will mourn him. Cause and effect. But in my...
  3. authorette

    Story Writers- What is Your Greatest…

    ... struggle with creating your story? For me it is going from the impulse of inspiration for a story to a framework to build the story on. I feel like I am gathering bits of data from my life and recombining them into a form that I hope works in story. I never know for sure and it takes a while...
  4. gokedik

    You Don't Know

    One can only imagine the horrible loss of a sense, limb, use of a limb or limbs. To live through a tragic event that took, what feels like your life, from you that will never to return. To call it difficult would draw a laugh from most. Some don’t have to. They live with this everyday and deal...
  5. J

    Rubble (860 Words)

    Hey there mad cats, thanks for reading. Wrote this for a creative writing assignment early last year. It was written based on a headline of the Haiti Earthquake and I dusted it off today so I thought I would share it. Rubble All it took was one look at her old home to know that he was...