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  1. lumino

    Flow of Content Problem

    I like to revise as I write, because I feel like it's the only way to make sure I get the sentence structure and rhythm I want, but when I do that, sometimes I get the content all tangled up. It doesn't flow from beginning to end properly, and it many times it gets convoluted. I think I just...
  2. A

    Tactically Good, Strategically Unproven

    Hi, Everyone, Just joined these forums in hopes of getting some help on my number one problem: "grand strategy"...by which I mean, I can write and tell a story but unfortunately so far I've not been able to actually "see" a living, breathing story past a few general premises, however promising...
  3. A

    Looking to Write Thrillers and Romances!

    Hi, Folks! Yes, yet another aspiring author here who believes he's got a fairly unique and unexplored angle on the most popular genre fiction of all time. :very_drunk: I'm hoping these forums will be inspirational. Specifically, I'm good with "tactics" but bad with "strategy," if you know...
  4. C

    Two Viewpoints on the same events?

    Hello fellow writers! I'm Courtney and I'm working on my first series. I have a problem and I would love your advice. I am writing a series with two main characters from totally different worlds who experience the same event in very different ways, and then they meet at the end of the climax...