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  1. Moonbeast32

    What is femininity?

    Increasingly often in media and literature, I'm seeing attempts made at making strong female characters. I believe this is a good direction, but it is often executed poorly. It would appear to me that many writers believe one of two things: (A. A female character's greatest strength is their...
  2. gokedik

    You Don't Know

    One can only imagine the horrible loss of a sense, limb, use of a limb or limbs. To live through a tragic event that took, what feels like your life, from you that will never to return. To call it difficult would draw a laugh from most. Some don’t have to. They live with this everyday and deal...
  3. D

    The boy with impossible strength

    “Ok then group, gather round now,” said the gym instructor Ebenezer Clarke. He was strictly Mr Clarke to the boys though, as he was rightly sure they would make a mockery of his name if they knew it. He was born on Christmas Eve, and according to his parents, he was named after the Charles...
  4. MJCaan

    Earth's First- 3rd part (no language). Thoughts?

    One more excerpt from my book. What do you think Copyright August 1012 All Rights Reserved He flew low, just feet above the water’s surface. He wasn’t sure if their radar could pick him up, but it wasn’t worth risking. Even though their surface to air defenses posed no threat to him, it...