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  1. Anizeitshla

    Have a Story

    I got a story I just wanna upload it to different sites! Am I able to do that here or nah?
  2. Vindie

    «Air alert» is translated from another language

    Hi, I am an aspiring writer. I already have my own audience in my native language, and now I wanna try to translate my stories. Please tell me, how well does it read in English? This is a story about a relationship written by my girlfriend's dream. Air alert There was an important meeting that...
  3. L

    Need help with hero story ideas

    Hi, I'm doing a project where I have to create a story with the hero's journey structure. I'm planning on having a byronic hero. Right now I can't seem to think of any good story idea, except for the 'hero goes to find an object/treasure' - which is pretty cheesy. Can someone please help me...
  4. charles003434

    The Great Cavern war part 4 Politics and History

    After Ticius was finished speaking it was the turn of Gaius. “You see Ticius there was a power stuggle on the surface involving Virgil,Dante,Trishia and Shamgar. The short version is that Virgil and Shamgar were in a duel to determine the next Arch Wizard. According to Virgil he would have...
  5. charles003434

    The Great Cavern war part 3 Politics and History

    After Ticius was finished speaking it was the turn of Gaius. “You see Ticius there was a power stuggle on the surface involving Virgil,Dante,Trishia and Shamgar. The short version is that Virgil and Shamgar were in a duel to determine the next Arch Wizard. According to Virgil he would have...
  6. charles003434

    The Great Cavern war part 1

    (The following story I posted on another forum but I got very little feedback so I will post it here too. I really want feedback even if you think my story is crap. What parts your like or what parts you hate. So far I have written 7 chapters. one side note is that ruff riders are dog-like...
  7. Fowly

    Will my work to be stolen if it is posted online

    Quick question: Can mine, or anyone else's writing pieces be plagiarised by anyone? For years I've been secretive about the book I've been working on. I've only shown it to a few people for feedback throughout the years and I worry that if I write about any aspects of my characters or story...
  8. Elsey2

    The End As We Know It

    Archer Callahan sat in the front seat of a school bus and stared out the window at the standstill traffic all around them. He sighed for what felt like the fiftieth time in ten minutes, drawing his baseball cap from his head and scratching his head before placing it back down. He glanced over...
  9. Writer One

    General writing.

    I am questioning my writing style. I find I cannot understand the subject and predicate in every sentence. I can't understand one subject and one predicate in all sentences only. I can understand after the first sentence which has a subject and a predicate fine, but after the first sentence...
  10. Elsey2

    Mischief Night - Part 1

    Crisp, autumn leaves danced over the asphalt in the parking lot at West River High School. Tori Lane fiddled with the keys to her silver Oldsmobile and hugged her body as a gust of wind washed over the campus of the small New England town. She pulled the hood of her sweatshirt up to cover...
  11. KellInkston

    Halloween Knight (Novel Excerpt, 2,500 words, explicit language, mild sexual themes)

    Hey there, trying my hand at a different approach to YA fiction. I'm looking mostly for thoughts on story/flow, but any input would be appreciated. Thank you! I The moment he breaks into the house via a second-story window, there is a jolt under the checkered covers of the only bed in the room...
  12. Noth

    Drowning in darkness [474 words]

    I wrote this starting at 2:10ish AM just to see how far I could go with this concept. I appreciate any feedback and critisc- ANYONE WHO DARES CRITISCI-- Sorry. Its 2 am and I wrote a story, tired as fudge. Nothing. For the first time his eyes saw nothing but darkness all around him, his whole...
  13. Elsey2

    Love scene from story (Ronnie & Madison) - Chapter 12 "Don't Leave Me"

    Part of the romance story I am writing. (I will repost if this the formatting is messed up). I'm not great at titles, so if anyone has input on that I would gladly take advice! :) I sat by the window ledge and watched in the distance as the ocean’s high tide casted wavesup over a short rock...
  14. D

    Dirty Selfishness [2000 words]

    Hello guys, I've been writing this since a few weeks ago, just imagining the principal fact on the story, so I felt kinda inspired to go on with the idea and gave it a context and a meaning, it turned longer than I'd like to be, but I think I cannot skip more details. English is not my native...
  15. Thinking Aloud

    Open-Forum Short Story Project: Brainstorming

    As summer quickly approaches, we young writers have reason to celebrate. No more school, no more waking up at x o'clock in the morning, and most importantly no more excuses on why we can't sit down and bang out three pages of that masterpiece that we've mothballed for the past six months. For...
  16. Thinking Aloud

    Short Story: Hamartia

    The first part (of four) from my Short Story: Hamartia. This part concentrates on setting a dream-like, kind of surreal tone rather than blasting plot or action. The issues that I'm having with the whole tone-opener is it's kind of slow and I'm not really sure how interesting it is. I...
  17. N

    I'm a NEWBIE!!

    Hello Everyone, My name is Davira Rayne. I have been writing as a hobby my whole life and just until recently I decided to pursue my passion further. I have started a blog in hopes of gaining feedback and honing my craft. I aspire to put out a range of novels in the future ranging from...
  18. F

    Athraigh (part 2) (Mature)

    The Exhaust spat out dirty smoke like a sewer spits out dirty rats. Rob sat in his equally dirty car with a keg of beer in the back seat. His right ear looked mangled like it had been bitten at by an animal, just the thought of this caused rob to grip tightly onto the steering wheel. He turns...
  19. N

    Potential co-writers?

    I am looking for someone to write with me on a fantasy/action/adventure story about an assassin. Please PM me if you are interested and we can discuss ideas for it.
  20. A

    Tactically Good, Strategically Unproven

    Hi, Everyone, Just joined these forums in hopes of getting some help on my number one problem: "grand strategy" which I mean, I can write and tell a story but unfortunately so far I've not been able to actually "see" a living, breathing story past a few general premises, however promising...