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  1. Stormcat

    Steam and Solar: Can these two punks get along?

    I love both Steampunk, and its new baby, Solarpunk. I love them both so much, that I would like to incorporate elements of both into my writing. Steampunk, the larger and more popular of the two, certainly has plenty of tropes to help it along. But then again, this whippersnapper could allow for...
  2. Z

    Culture in steampunk novel?

    I know that novel with steampunk genre is usually (Almost every of them) set in victorian era, but what about the culture? Is it same with victorian era culture? At least the way they addressed each other (I am still struggling with this problem) Sigh... I want to be good writer, but I really...
  3. G

    The Definition of "Steampunk"

    Greetings, Recently (as if I don't have enough half-started projects) I begun writing out some ideas for what I think will be a 'steampunk' story. As I designed the world for this story I went online to try and find some good resources for this genre. I read the Wikipedia article and I have...