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  1. Mikeyboy_esq

    15 speeches & counting... seems to make a big difference in total sales!

    JUST AN UPDATE ON MY MARKETING EFFORTS FOR THIS YEAR: Last Friday, I attended a college teacher conference in Galveston (1.5 hour drive from my house) where I gave a speech on how to self-publish a book that was based on my 2nd book (a self-publishing guide). I only sold 5 books at this event...
  2. Mikeyboy_esq

    Stepped Outside my Comfort Zone by giving 3 speeches at a College Teacher Convention

    Last weekend, I attended a large college teacher convention and gave 3 speeches based on my 2 nonfiction books. This was a huge step for me as I wasn't sure I'd have the guts to give presentations in front of my peers from all over the state (and possibly making a fool of myself!). Anyway, I'm...
  3. Mikeyboy_esq

    Why JANUARY was my best month yet for Book Sales...

    January was my best month yet for sales of my 2 nonfiction books. (sold 101 books in January... a new record for me!) Part of the reason I was able to break my personal sales record was that I gave 2 speeches plus attended an Open House (a signup event) for another speech that I'm giving in...
  4. Mikeyboy_esq

    Just another BOOK MARKETING TIP

    Find opportunities where you can give a speech to your book's target audience. For example, my local community college allows anyone to give (unpaid) lectures or workshops through their Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) program. A few months ago, I sent an email to ALL and proposed giving a...