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speculative fiction

  1. S

    And The Drums Rattled On 1,217

    And the Drums Rattled On S.K. Kennedy And the drums rattled on. Bells and pots and pans. The hot sun beats down against the back of your neck. Like the wooden spoon banging against the frying pan in our new daily sonic communion, you are the sun’s percussion. You inhale the hot...
  2. Princesisto

    Seeking Beta Readers For 5,000 Word Short Story

    Title: My Holiday In Guatemala Genre: Speculative Fiction (Near Future) Word Count: 5,000 Blurb: In the year 2025, a wannabe child pop star returns to her adopted home of Guatemala for one day but gets caught up in a coup d'etat and learns why she really needs to become a star. It is funny, it...
  3. seigfried007

    Speculative Fiction Stories that Editors See Too Often

    Bumped into this listing last night on Strange Horizons and figured it might help some of us make spiffier, more publishable stories (or spiffy up some we've already got). Feel free to add more unlikely-to-sell story ideas and what editors have told you about what they want or don't want to see.
  4. moderan

    Test Patterns Open Subs

    The Test Patterns anthology is having open submissions for one month, from September 1 through October 1, 2017. The concept is literary speculative fictions patterned on the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Night Gallery, et al. Submissions should be in standard manuscript format [Standard ms...
  5. polaroidcaesar

    A Ghost Story (4492 words) (WIP)

    I should note that this is incomplete and very much WIP. However, I wanted to get some feedback about whether the shifting perspective works, and if the premise itself is compelling. I It is raining today, like it has been every day for the past weeks. I am watching the rain hit the dirty...
  6. polaroidcaesar

    Mystery-Talker [7302 words]

    Hi, So, due to the length of this story, I've decided to post the Google Doc, so as to preserve the original formatting and not make a monstrous post to wade through. I've labored over this story for quite a while and am trying to prepare it for publication, but I'd like as much feedback about...
  7. DickC

    Thus Spake.....Dick?

    Hello. I'm Dick. I am an avid reader and have written stories and scripts over the years. Now in middle age, if I live into my hundreds, I've finally decided to pursue writing full time. Yes, I am prepared to eat belly button lint and wear used newspaper clothes. My writing leans to the...