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  1. Limburglar

    A Sonnet

    "72 Virgins" Welcome home. 25 years concluded. Blown-away and praised by your companions, The boss says your record's undisputed. Go down the hall to see the Virginians. Bobby Lee was there, holding a sabre, With the House of Burgesses in their seats. Lee had been supporting unpaid labor With...
  2. aj47


    So we begin to practice all our drills, Preparing minds and bodies to play ball. Refining and remastering our skills, In hopes that we’ll be champions, come fall. No time like now to get things underway. Good fortune favors those whose hearts are sure. The will, it’s said, will always find a...
  3. aj47


    I weave my web with fingers quick and deft, Meticulously crafting my design. With tags for warp and data as my weft, I work where words and images align. My clipboard bobbins text and URLs, Creating elements behind the scenes; New menus, paragraphs, and table cells Which all display the same on...
  4. S

    Sonnet 1: Name

    Immortal life locked beneath a whisper spoken softly with in a lovers ear My name lost in wind I will surrender Must I be compared to a withered tear? Like a dieing rose my petals soon fall All color gone, no sign of friendly hues Sorrow consumes my mind I've lost it all As I try to cope with...