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  1. R


    So I was sitting on my couch after work tonight, I don't know why but the concept for this song hit me out of nowhere. It's more of my usual desperately sad stuff about looking over the edge of a cliff at my favorite go-to spot where I like to go when I'm sad or lonely. I have a tune in my...
  2. R

    Die Dreaming

    I somewhat recently purchased a course on the website Udemy taught by a Nashville songwriter and wrote this song in about an hour and a half after completing the course. I am 30 years old and have a nervous disorder (disorder of the nerves, not 'nervous' as in anxious or apprehensive) that has...
  3. IndigoCypher


    The times, they aren't a-changing Yeah, we're all still here, and it's still raining. And we all say it's not really fair. Cause there's still the dirty crooks who don't really care. About the way people live and what they give. We've lost the trail, once again. To the Empire State, The...
  4. Nemesis

    City of Stone

    Dark are the streets that I walk upon Lifeless buildings looming on either side... Maleviolent faces peering through the window panes and I've got this feeling that I've already died With nothing more to lose, and nothing more to gain If we can't bare to choose, how do we live through this...