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  1. N

    Toxic Masculinity

    I am walking down the street when I feel a few eyes on me. I look sideways and see a few guys gaping at me. Is it my dress? Is it my hair? No. I keep walking, they hoot. They call out a few names and laugh among them. I am uncomfortable now. I walk faster. They follow me. I am scared. Should I...
  2. N

    The Generation of the Millennials

    As I think about "the generation of the millennials", I ponder over the changes that they have gone through since the last, umm, Xennials. The period that defines the millennials is if they were born between 1981-1996/1997. Well, welcome then. I am not going to point out the flaws and the lacuna...
  3. R

    Growing up

    I went to mother, she guided me to school I went to school, they guided me to college I went to college, they guided me to society I went to society, it guided me to go home I went home found my mother Surprise! I was grown up!
  4. kbsmith

    Perpetual motion machine needs no maintenance

    ... But rhythm and rhyme demand focus and patience Like Pissing on petals Or Shining up metal Or Some other incomprehensible fuss It seems A Wild born natural Satan obeys a wicked vernacular hatred That Pops the imperfections Then licks up the puss He was a saint Lucyfer The...
  5. A

    Leaving Cracks

    Leaving Cracks Fear trying the new As history falls Isolate ourselves Building up our walls We're creating art Pictures in the mind Burying the truth They will never find Watch the pieces break Like they always do We won't reinvent Fix it all with glue This shall be repaired...
  6. J


    He who holds the flame high, As he burns it. He who flies the eagle’s soar, As he directs it. He is maroon today and tomorrow it seems the same. Fortnight spent spouting red, and now he is blue. What color will he be today? his Lady need know, must know or how can she stand so tall? He...
  7. theusedfire5

    If You Believe In Something

    This is the title of my book in progress. It is essentially a proclamation to all who see that beliefs impact their life regularly. It covers where beliefs originated, their impact on society, where these beliefs may lead us, and if we were to unify all these beliefs where it would go. However...