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s.m. grimbldoo

  1. S.M. grimbldoo


    Neither fireworks nor bells There was no big shebang Just the second hand running circles As I hung out with the gang My wallet didn’t burst with cash Wisdom didn’t rush into my brain Just the minute hand keeping pace Everything was still the same No hair erupted from my chest Nothing more...
  2. S.M. grimbldoo


    Back and forth Left and right To the agreement Back and forth Back to safety So is the game So is life Hopping back and forth Over the middle, Never on it
  3. S.M. grimbldoo

    The Nuclear Seed

    The Nuclear Seed Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb would create a path of cultural and military change that America would follow. The first major effect of the bomb was the Baby Boom. Millions of soldiers that would have died in an invasion of Japan now returned home to have several...
  4. S.M. grimbldoo

    The Ol' Radio Flyer

    The ol' Radio Flyer sits Out back in the forgotten yard The sun kisses it The weeds hug it And cobwebs form a fancy little skirt The metal's all rusted The wheels squeak The handle wont turn And the body flakes No longer ideal for children Yet even in its age It remains a good friend It still...
  5. S.M. grimbldoo

    Because They Slept

    Closed petals watch Sulfur scented and round Pressed down onto a cold spiral And slid home with a click They file out with a clack To loudly meet little fireflies Tuck them into bed And blow out some candles Petals open, little too late For the fireflies sleep The lights are gone tonight
  6. S.M. grimbldoo

    Gatsby's Dream

    Gatsby’s Dream Over ninety years ago, in the 1920s, the American dream was flowing at full force. Like nowhere else in the world, humans had the chance to rise up from the lows of society. Many people were entranced by the allure of the American dream. Being able to better yourself was as...
  7. S.M. grimbldoo

    Middle Ground

    There is no such thing as a middle ground No solid place for man to plant his feet It is only the meeting of two extremes The collision point of exact opposites Just as the earth kisses the sky Balance radiates from the impact And all is well
  8. S.M. grimbldoo


    Eight wanting five Ten, yet again Twelve with regret Fourteen looking back Sixteen needing time
  9. S.M. grimbldoo

    The Truth of Society

    Throughout the Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne scatters symbols that portray his view of society. His own personal view was that societies tended to be dark, hypocritical, and overbearing. He saw true beauty in nature, and society as something that covered that beauty. In his book, he...