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  1. Haint Blues

    Haint Blues

    The ghosts of this poem are unwritten, they hang out on front porches on warm Southern nights, float around every corner. Pop up in the middle of a sentence uttered by a stranger at a convenience store while you’re buying jerky. They ruin your favorite tv shows, pull on your ears while...
  2. WriterJohnB

    Promotional sale - ...and Remember that I Am a Man.

    I'm offering the kindle version of my novel, "...and Remember that I Am a Man." for $.99 on Amazon Books Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It's the true story of Moses Grandy, a slave from the Great Dismal Swamp area, who narrated his experiences in 1843. It's fictional history and I've tried to...
  3. WriterJohnB

    Free Kindle novel - historical/slavery

    I'm giving away free kindle editions of my historical novel, "...and Remember that I Am a Man." on Sunday and Monday, Sept. 9 & 10. "...and Remember that I Am a Man.": John Bushore: Amazon.com: Books “…AND REMEMBER THAT I AM A MAN.” is the story of a man who fights his enslavement with...