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    Bullet and Apple

    A shot rings. The bullet pierces sound like a battering ram breaking through infinite, invisible castle gates. It crashes through the waves of oncoming air— its goal almost a graze away. The point is reached: apple meets copper; nature meets man in a perfect point of harmony...
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    An American Blowout

    I ignite my morning fizzles: —the 9 o' clock burn of esophagus sausage. —the channeling through fire of bipartisan waves. —damping my fuse with the blazing roach. —scorching my phone with the hottest of air... ...and while my bombs wait for the chemical connection, I sit square on the...
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    Archaeological site digs up hopeless romantic

    I'd been excavated, once stuck firm in dirt and years to be disturbed, cleaned of stress, of rest left to the rest of she; the digger had did her deed with care. Yet during carbon dating— the part where I shared a glass of my 14-bearings, wishing this chemistry would be radioactive— she...
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    The Light Goes Both Ways at the End of the Tunnel

    Sure, race the lines growing from the roadsides; you'll go nowhere. This night is white painted squares flipping back fast behind, like paper animations. Aren't you just a perfect outline of lead. Aren't you just this dead, dusty angel riding shotgun; going somewhere not safe...