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short stories

  1. M

    Reading Short Stories vs Flash Fiction

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you prefer reading short stories or flash fiction, and why? I have noticed a definite hesitancy on writing forums and blogs to read short stories, especially ones that are over 4000 words. It seems a lot of readers nowadays are drawn to reading short, sharp...
  2. M

    Series and Prequels

    It worked for Star Wars, but for the life of me I don't know why. Will it work for a series of romance short stories involving the same protagonist and antagonist, and three different love interests? Story number three to be published first and containing hints pointing backwards to the #1 &...
  3. moderan

    Test Patterns Open Subs

    The Test Patterns anthology is having open submissions for one month, from September 1 through October 1, 2017. The concept is literary speculative fictions patterned on the Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Night Gallery, et al. Submissions should be in standard manuscript format [Standard ms...
  4. dwaleaf

    Leather and Feathers (Word Count: 1809) [Mild Sexual Content]

    I usually think about these weird scenarios and write them down quickly in a notebook. This is one of them. Note: The grammar is not 100% perfect. There's 13 parts. PART 1 On this smoldering and humid land, I think about the palace and the days me and my sisters laid on my dad’s large lap...
  5. McJibbles

    Apartment 403 - a long short story-

    First time ever. Have mercy. Got the idea a few hours ago from a conversation at my job. Also, anything that might offend, Opinions in here are not mine but the characters. Apartment 403 Walter glared, bearing a worn grimace that could have only belonged to a man of 78 years. The...
  6. J.L. Franklin


    Flurries danced around us like maddened faeries. I cupped her face in my hands; my caramel skin contrasting with her pale skin. Her skin was so cold, so frigid, but it was full of everlasting life. I couldn’t withdraw from the endless pools of teal that swirled with my own hazel eyes. I...
  7. WriterJohnB

    Free Kindle short story anthology

    A Navy Seal is marooned on a tropical island and falls for a beautiful, half-naked native girl. But why are her teeth filed? Why did monkeys howl in a Virginia tidal swamp? A local newspaperman asks that question of a Ukrainian witch and he's sorry he ever asked. I've put together a...
  8. egriffith

    Short stories inside a long one? Bad idea?

    I am writing my first novel, and in the middle, the main character travels to a new location in each chapter. Each location presents a new problem to solve but things get wrapped up by chapter's end. In a writing book I read the author says to cut chapters like this in half at a critical...
  9. that-woman

    Hi from London!

    Hi everyone! I write under the name That Woman, although not much is published yet! I aspire to write short stories of the contemporary variety illuminating various aspects of relationships and sexuality. I have had a good look around this site and love it. Hope to fine a real 'home' here...
  10. P

    Story Opening Contest

    American Pop Lit at www.americanpoplit.blogspot.com is running its First Pop Lit Story Opening Contest. 200 words maximum length-- attention-getting openings, not entire stories. The idea is to lay down a plot hook, theme, or idea which will leave the reader wanting more. One entry per person...
  11. Spectra

    Spectra Magazine open for submissions

    Hi everyone. Just joined up at Writing Forums, and wanted to let you know about our short fiction project, gearing up for launch at the beginning of September. Spectra Magazine is a monthly digital-only science fiction, fantasy and horror short fiction publication, available from a range of...
  12. I

    Me again..

    I have already introduced myself...well sort of. anyway. I have a site where i have other works of mine, as a sort of introduction, feel free to read and comment. You can even join. Thanks. Expression Through Words - Home IreneWriter.
  13. E

    Charity book for Macmillan Cancer Support - please support me!

    Hi - if you live in the UK and have been touched by cancer in some way, as most of us have, please join my facebook group 'Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Table Book Club'. The objective of the club is for us to collaborate to publish a coffee table book: an anthology of poems and short...