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short fiction

  1. Neetu

    New Pieces on Duane's PoeTree

    A flash fiction piece and two of my relatively new poems are in this Blogspot. http://duanespoetree.blogspot.com/search/label/Neetu%20Malik
  2. S

    Castle in the Sand pt. 1

    This is my first work of prose ever, written during my junior year of high school. Given the length of the piece, it would take around four parts to finish it. Any feedback, especially concerning grammar or pacing, would be highly appreciated. "Every star has a story,” said Cori’s mother, on...
  3. S

    Untitled Horror Short Story - Opening (802 words) - (Sexual Nature Content) - (ESL)

    Hello all. I'm writing a short horror story and I'd like to know how this opening is faring. I'm from Brazil and I'm writing in Portuguese, so perfect English spelling and phrase structure is not my main concern. My inspirations for this is Japanese Horror (Ryu Murakami and Koji Suzuki) and...
  4. M

    The Demon Dance

    This is a prose poem I wrote. I wasn't sure which section to stick it in - General Fiction or Poetry. But it's more prose than poetry I guess. Enjoy! Or at least try to! The Demon Dance is the idea of a better life proposed to an unhappy spouse, ‘Kill him and live without constraints’...
  5. S

    Sabrina's Vine

    Hi , just writing a quick prompt. Feel free to offer up any suggestions, or ideas. Sabrina thought about having another twizzler from the bag. She wouldn't feelgood after, but she felt there was something missing from her frame of mind. The act was automatic, and she dove into another...
  6. C

    The Sound of Bicycles

    I'm trying to get this ready for a publishing submission and I'm rather desperate to get some objective critique on it. Would you be so kind to oblige? I'll try and reciprocate. just let me know what you think! P.s. I'm dysgraphic, so if something makes no sense, or if I've terrifically...