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  1. E

    Caterpillar Love

    The caterpillar crawls upon the branch, One in a million in the caterpillar ranch, It inches to the top, and it will never stop, For up there awaits its one true love. It passes by the moth, lazy like a sloth, And reaches the top of the trees. There he sees his girl, his entire...
  2. Ride the Pen

    How to Create Drama and Plot without a Single Facebook Entry: Shakespeares “Macbeth"

    This is the first article from my blog (click signature): How to Create Drama and Story Plot without a Single Facebook Entry: Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” A playwright of the 17th century had one crucial advantage over a contemporary one: No distraction by Twitter messages! His disadvantage, on...
  3. Limburglar

    A Sonnet

    "72 Virgins" Welcome home. 25 years concluded. Blown-away and praised by your companions, The boss says your record's undisputed. Go down the hall to see the Virginians. Bobby Lee was there, holding a sabre, With the House of Burgesses in their seats. Lee had been supporting unpaid labor With...