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  1. hvysmker

    A Prisoner In Afghanistan [Adult 4,200] A German imprisoned in an American compound.

    "Welches Jahr?" I ask my driver and guide, thumping one hand on the dash. With no answer, I amend the question to, "What year?" in English. "Mad’in 1990," is the reply. Like most of the world, more English is taught in Turkmenistan than my native German. We left an inn in Gushgy, and are...
  2. gokedik

    of Monique

    Hair flowing like a field of wheat in a breeze., the kissing was deeper, than imagination could take me.. This gift of touch by a Matriarch, is a stitch in my heart, and a flashback before my last breath. I questioned reality at sunrise, A nefarious act, this was. Beneath troubling...
  3. gokedik

    The addict (sexual content)

    I came to Macy’s to shoplift, and she to find black fish net stockings. We ran into each other asking for help from a random employee that felt overwhelmed by our questions. Our eyes met and comets changed directions and solar flares raged. The changing room was just over her shoulder. After the...
  4. T

    Red Christmas warning: graphic, 19 and older

    Andy pulled up in his driveway in an old, beat-up sedan. “Merry God damn Christmas,” he said. He slammed the door shut. Christmas day, and his boss had him working overtime. His wife, Shannon, greeted him in the kitchen with a bottle of wine. He didn't so much care for the stuff,but he...
  5. N

    I'm a NEWBIE!!

    Hello Everyone, My name is Davira Rayne. I have been writing as a hobby my whole life and just until recently I decided to pursue my passion further. I have started a blog in hopes of gaining feedback and honing my craft. I aspire to put out a range of novels in the future ranging from...
  6. P

    They Make You Pay for Sex (Some Adult Content)

    This is the beginning of a book or short story I am writing just for fun. I am wondering what others will think. I'm only adding an excerpt. I have written more to this, but need to fix it up a bit. Yes, I am a female, but I am writing this in a perspective of a male. Here: My first was a...
  7. C

    Writing Subgenre of Erotic Romance

    I'm looking to write short stories at first with some explicit sex scenes much longer than others and more involved in plot. But this site appers to have no opening for erotica, and is very PG, if I put up a sample, should I block out most of the specific references to sexual acts? It will...
  8. C

    QUESTION- 1980's, sex, drugs, violence. Would you watch?

    For the past few weeks, I have been in the process of writing a show, or "series." I haven't actually written an episode yet, but I have summarized a few seasons up, and have most of the main characters described. I'm wondering if this idea were to make it big, if anybody would actually watch...
  9. GreenAvenue

    Sex in the New Bible!

    Well, I'm not sure if there is sex in the bible :book: and I'm not sure if there is a New Bible either. I just came to introduce myself haha. :-D So, I am a tiny bit over 40 (a tiny-bit I said!), am actually not a writer yet... I write articles for a number of magazines, have monthly and...
  10. A

    Few Chapters of Novel

    This is the first thing I have written. Please let me know what you think, any opinions are welcome. Thank you. Chapter 1 Since she could remember, she was known as Guan-yin. Not angel, princess, or my darling daughter. Guan-yin did well at school was always top of her class. She was...