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  1. W

    Need a gathering place

    This is kinda about plot. It’s definitely necessary. I need a setting for my story, and I can’t really come up with one that works. I want it to be an enclosed space (like a building, in case you need help, idk) but very large where a lot of people can gather. Basically like a venue. Examples I...
  2. K

    Are these kind of metaphors/descriptions beautiful, ugly, or distasteful?

    Is it ok to have metaphors in short stories? "In her dream, she had been playing under the iridescent moon – its crescent shape looking like it pierced the silence of the serene enveloping night." - It's night and I wanted to convey a peaceful, quaint image. "Beams of glowing light emanated...
  3. Z

    Setting vs. Culture

    Well, this is my first thread I think' So, I am writing book set in victorian era london (around 1885). I've do deep research in it (and I like it so much), until I found the way they addressed each other, it's little bit complicated i think. My question is, is it Ok if I just change it like...