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  1. SFletcherAz

    Hello hello!

    I am a self published author, edited and publisher. Is there a place available on this forum to offer publishing services for authors to get their books up onto Amazon ebook and print? Or does anyone have recommendations for another site that is better suited for promoting such a service? I'll...
  2. C

    Places In the Heart

    Places in the Heart This house is new and improved others are old and well-worn. They cast long shadows and trails of reputations long gone. We were up, in, through, out happy cadets lining the walls. We were cords, medals, hats detailed in service for all. Established statuesque venues...
  3. K

    What to charge for Ghostwriting services....

    Hi! Ok, so there's this gentleman in my community that needs some ghostwriting services for his book. I've never done this and I don't even begin to know what to charge. I'm currently doing some proofreading/editing for another local (new) author and I'm charging her $10/chapter (which I've come...