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  1. afkoppauthor

    Scifi Self-Publishing Order Help

    Hello! My name is Aggie (A. F. Kopp), and I'm currently writing/creating a sci-fi world. I'm writing the main series, but I have also been writing the prequel series with full novel-length plots, but it's about some of the "mentor" characters when their adventure first starts. I dabbled in...
  2. J

    I want to write a psychological horror story, what is the best advice you have for me?

    I have ideas for some serieses of loud house horror fanfics involving an OC I came up with called Lomond Loud. Lomond is a mutant human who has superpowers and likes to kill as much people as he can just because he finds it fun. He also likes to eat the organs of his victims. Ronnie Anne, Clyde...
  3. M

    Series and Prequels

    It worked for Star Wars, but for the life of me I don't know why. Will it work for a series of romance short stories involving the same protagonist and antagonist, and three different love interests? Story number three to be published first and containing hints pointing backwards to the #1 &...
  4. C

    QUESTION- 1980's, sex, drugs, violence. Would you watch?

    For the past few weeks, I have been in the process of writing a show, or "series." I haven't actually written an episode yet, but I have summarized a few seasons up, and have most of the main characters described. I'm wondering if this idea were to make it big, if anybody would actually watch...