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  1. lumino

    Problem with Long Sentences

    It seems that when I lengthen a sentence, many times I add information which is not related to the former part of the sentence, which I have learned long ago not to do after I read something in a book. But I forgot what I read and am having trouble finding the same information in that book. I...
  2. lumino

    How do you write a long sentence that is acceptable?

    How do you write a long sentence which cannot be criticized on the basis of clarity, coherence, etc? It seems that when I try to make a sentence longer and longer, I somehow connect information that others say should be in separate sentences and cause my syntax to become convoluted. Is there a...
  3. lumino

    Expressing Multiple Ideas in the Same Sentence

    Is it wrong to write a single sentence that moves through multiple ideas from one to the next, as long as the sentence is not difficult to read? If so, does one idea have to have a smooth logical connection to the next? If so, then wouldn't that mean that separate sentences also should not...
  4. lumino

    Is there anything wrong with this sentence?

    I am trying to achieve a certain register. Do you see anything wrong with this sentence? Is it wrong that I am using "designed" and "made" after "created"? Do these count as unnecessary redundancies? If so, is there a better way to word the sentence? Is "bear witness" too archaic to be used...