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  1. ahmetax

    senryu 46

    just in a hurry human beings are like ants -- all ticks are the same koşturur durur karınca gibi insan tik tak hep aynı ahmet aksoy
  2. ahmetax

    senryu 561

    it's autumn again a tinnitus in his ears of master van gogh yine güz geldi -- çınlasın kulakları van gogh üstadın ahmet aksoy PS. In Turkey when you have a tinnitus, they say "someone remembers you!"
  3. ahmetax

    senryu 39

    in huge africa there's lots of starving people -- say, what about here? koca afrika yine aç insanlar var ya burda yok mu? ahmet aksoy
  4. ahmetax

    haiku 321

    senryu 321 clouds are leaning down blues loaded in istanbul -- soma in dark black bulutlar ağmış hüzün yüklü istanbul -- soma kapkara ahmet aksoy ps. In May, this year. in a small town named Soma in Turkey, several hundreds miners were dead in a coal mine accident. In reality, it was not...
  5. ahmetax

    senryu 430

    the man is thinking thousands of dreams in his mind he is here but not (he is here and not) düşünür adam beyninde binlerce düş hem burda hem yok ahmet aksoy
  6. ahmetax

    senryu 179

    fate the florist exhibits her flowers despite her own fate çiçekçi kader sermiş çiçeklerini kadere inat ahmet aksoy
  7. ahmetax

    senryu 381

    water made fingers a fall of raindrops from sky -- massage to my mind parmakları su dökülüyor damlalar -- zihin masajı ahmet aksoy
  8. ahmetax

    senryu 554

    it waits my command a chilly breeze from mountains -- click!ventilator emrimi bekler esmeye dağ rüzgarı -- tık! vantilatör ahmet aksoy
  9. ahmetax

    senryu 36

    when the street is dry you can hear no sound of tyre -- tyres are singing now kuruyken sokak duyulmaz lastik sesi şimdi bağrışır ahmet aksoy
  10. ahmetax

    senryu 35

    i envy people -- after just a four hours' sleep wakes up full of life (wakes up vibrantly) (wakes up vitaly) imreniyorum dört saat uyuyup ta zinde kalkana ahmet aksoy PS. "wakes up full of life" looks best for me. Which one do you prefer?
  11. ahmetax

    senryu 38

    i've got cold again -- i'm just sniffing aloud when no one around nezle olmuşum çekiyorum burnumu kimseler yokken ahmet aksoy
  12. ahmetax

    My haiku with your permission...

    Hello friends, I am a new WritingForums member. English is not my native language. However I use it quite a lot. I have many haiku in my native language Turkish. Now, I am translating them into English. Since they are translations, there might be some syllable count problems. Please read them...
  13. D

    "The Law"- a Haiku

    Two beasts bare their fangs A meal too meager to share The law absolute Well there it is my first submission this fourm ever... :fat: I just realized I wrote senryu when I met haiku...