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  1. Mikeyboy_esq

    Oct/Nov is a tough time to get a book self-published!

    I've spent the last 2 months self-publishing my next book (to be launched on Dec. 1st). This one has taken longer than it normally does b/c this is such a busy time of the year for the publishing industry (editors, cover designers, graphic designers, editorial reviewers, etc.) as everyone is...
  2. N

    Self-published author from Sweden.

    Hello everyone. I just found this forum and it looks like a nice place to be! My name is Nellie and I'm a self-published author from Sweden within the genre paranormal romance, fantasy and young adult. Writing has always been a part of my life. Today I own a publishing house and the 15th mars...
  3. John Yeoman

    How (not) to obtain a literary agent

    How do you get the interest of a literary agent? You've suffered 47 rejection slips plus 99 submissions that were not even acknowledged. (You've discovered that agents don't really read your stuff. They just solicit submissions to soak off the stamps.) Please turn off your computer before...
  4. C

    XinXii.com - Worldwide eBook Publishing

    If you want to self-publish your ebook worldwide, you should try out the platform XinXii (well-known in Europe)! After your registration, you can start uploading your ebooks and selling them in your own eStore at XinXii. You fix the price, you pay nothing and you get paid per download (70% as...