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  1. ehbowen

    Daddy's Money - Complete Feature-length screenplay

    This is one of my screenplay projects, just a fun little story. I like to describe my writing style as, "Decent people doing decent things," and that's what you'll find here for the most part. Really no language or situations worse than the mildest PG rating. I'll certainly accept and be...
  2. Glyph

    I'm typing a document (Nameless, Minor Explicit Language*)

    Hi. This is my very first script (well, first one that isn't an assignment from school). I don't really know how to write scripts or what they are supposed to look like, just thought I'd take a shot at it. Please tell me what you think. I imagine this would be more of a film screenplay instead...
  3. E

    How goes it, Internet?!

    Sooo my name is Emris (or is it?) and I write shirt stories and screenplays. I'm currently working on a screenplay called Twitch. Wanna read a preview? I'll probably post one if I can figure this site out -Emris J.
  4. C

    DUNCAN - A first scene

    This would either be a short film on its own or possibly the first scene to a longer film. Please criticize it beyond recognition, I mean really tear it apart. I'm not sure if its any good so enlighten me on what sucks so I can get better. Rip me a new one on format, pacing, characterization...
  5. J

    Hello fellow new writers

    I am very new to the whole writing industry and very excited about getting involved in the ins and outs of becoming a good writer and getting some feed back on my current works. Great to meet everyone. Please feel free to contact me at any time.