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  1. M

    Fallen Skies (WIP, Dystopian Sci-fi, 4042 Words)

    Adventure Dystopian SciFi 
    CHAPTER ONE “Playing Fetch” The skies were about to fall, of course, they didn't know this, only she did. In a neighbourhood that resembles Victorian architecture and fashion is a girl, tall for being 13. Her brown skin which was partially covered by her bob cut would be the first thing...
  2. 01Trinity10

    looking for opinions on the beginning of my book. thank you

    Innocence is the key to peace. But where there is struggle and turmoil and history, there is never innocence and there is always a struggle. The young are made cynical and callous by the time they can articulate their thoughts and the old set in their ways with only the voice in their head. But...
  3. Deleted member 65753

    Need Help With A Character's Personality

    I'm writing a space opera series about a princess who embarks on a tour of the solar systems... until it goes haywire! She's stranded in another galaxy after being ripped from hyperspace. Through her journey, she discovers a plot to destroy the peaceful Cassileo Federation her people worked hard...
  4. Justin Attas

    Coolest Invention

    Scifi writers, what's the coolest thing you ever invented for of your stories? For me, it's got to be a bone-based Augment in my ebook, Strand. Biological Augments play a huge part in the series, but this one has to be my favorite. General Phinneas Bragg "Boneblade" has a growth/reinforcement...
  5. columbo1977

    Different human types

    Hi All In a future where humanity is spread across hundreds of inhabited worlds I have the below types of Human “types” What do you think, are there some that you think could be the Norm as well. Standard Cross breeds with other races - quite rare Enhanced - Genetically modified, but mainly...
  6. L

    The First Law: short excerpt. ACTION SCENE!- warning, a little bloody

    This is a short excerpt from the third chapter of a book I'm writing, so minor spoilers ahead. I've already posted the first two chapters in an earlier thread. They were a horror. Their faces were flushed, and their eyes showed nothing but whites. They ran, crawled and leaped, tripping...
  7. L

    Ripples-Short Excerpt of "The First Law"- Feedback Appreciated

    This is an idea I had for a scene in a novel I'm writing. It may appear in the book in this form, a different form, or not at all. Tell me what you think. "Ripples" LaMDoH123 ©2019 “Pal, take us to one gravity, please. Keep us there until I say so.” “You got it, Seb. One g coming up.” The...
  8. Justin Attas

    Continuity Editing

    Hey writing gang. Just a quick matter of curiosity I'm hoping you all can help me settle. When editing a manuscript that happens to be a SEQUEL, do you ever go back and add things to the first book in the series? I know this is super specific, but I suppose this is assuming both manuscripts are...
  9. Insolitus

    Untitled Sci-Fi Horror Short Excerpt (600ish words)

    We saw the Baychimo against the gas giant of UN-NOPRA long before it showed up on the scanners of our vessel. Jackson, our engineer had spied it as a blip and we, being myself and our pilot, Luiz, decided it was in our best interest as a salvage ship to investigate. It was frozen in place, as if...
  10. PiP

    WritingForums BookStore

    We now have over 100 books, written by our members, listed on the WF Bookstore. <ENTER HERE> Please support our authors To add your book to the WF BookStore please contact < James 剣 斧 血 >
  11. Elsey2

    The End As We Know It

    Archer Callahan sat in the front seat of a school bus and stared out the window at the standstill traffic all around them. He sighed for what felt like the fiftieth time in ten minutes, drawing his baseball cap from his head and scratching his head before placing it back down. He glanced over...
  12. Elsey2

    Excerpt - Shadows of Ivy

    I wandered into the back corner of the library and slunk down into a chair at the same small table I had recently chosen as my study spot. Every library I’d ever been in smelled the same; like fifty-year old paper and dust. It was a scent I could recall dating back to elementary school when our...
  13. Seedy M.

    coincidences - a pre-script

    This was written for X-files, but Mulder was gone before I submitted it so it's here because I kind of like it. I have changed the names for this to avoid confrontation. Coincidences (As I picture it. I am not a script/screenwriter. It has appeared in a book of shorts and gained quite a lot of...
  14. R

    My Book Intro

    Intro to my book Basically I'm trying to write a book that's not "just more goddamned sci fi." My focus is going to be on the efforts of the protagonists to force government disclosure. I had an idea to use a journal as a framing device which gave me a fairly interesting idea. My idea is to...
  15. J

    Jakarta- The Orb of Kerovan

    If off-links aren't allowed, tell me. But in-detail diagrams and more chapters are on It's also in my profile. Just in case that's not allowed, I will still be adding stuff on the forum :D EDIT: This isn't realistic fiction- it's scifi. Read the tags. Introduction...