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  1. Modern Alchemist….

    Modern Alchemist….

    The Alchemists tell us to "make two into one".... "Make the outside like unto the in".... That "all is Water".... They speak of Dissolution and Separation.... Purification, in a Furnace.... Fulcalnelli, in Cabala, is a Vulcan reference. The author gave us many insights, and in my...
  2. gokedik

    Just one night part II

    Whatever you do, do not research the disease now bound and determined to kill you. It’s origins will leave you perplexed and hearing “scientists” deny it’s existence, while you are taking copious amounts of medication, daily, will create a fury inside that will scare, even you. It did me. I...
  3. Vendetta5885

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi all, Thanks for taking the time to look at this post. First thing's first, my name is Colin and I am a 24 year old scientist in Massachusetts, United States. I love to write, but sadly, my work does not exactly feed my creative thirst. I have written several small items and feel like I...
  4. K

    A Second Opinion on my Worldbuilding

    (Not sure if this is the right place for it) So I'm writing a sort of time traveling Sci-Fi/Fantasy story, that takes place on an earth-like planet. The end result is hopefully going to be an episodic Odyssey across the various periods with varying protagonists. I honestly like the timeline for...
  5. Scarlett_156

    Singular Science! :D (gravity wells & neutrinos)

    This is one of the most interesting things I've read in awhile. Here is the article: Einstein proven right, again | Watts Up With That? ------------ Now here's something more recent that is hella cool (plus funny because I got an infraction at "physics forums" a couple of years ago for...
  6. Guy Faukes

    Evidence of alien life?

    A paper published in the Journal of Cosmology has brought forth evidence of alien microbial life in meteorites (with fancy electron microscope images). NASA scientist: evidence of alien life on meteorite Think it sounds too extraordinary to be true? Well, you're not the only ones. The...
  7. bazz cargo

    Science in fiction

    Does a writer have any obligation to get the science in fiction correct, or will anything go to support the story ? I suppose the same goes for history. Can anyone supply instances of bad science ? Or bad history. I will leave reporting my own examples till after a few others have placed theirs.
  8. R

    The Dream World [CHAPTER ONE]

    Hey, guys. I'm new here, as you can probably tell. This is my first ever story to be of this length. This chapter, however, is from a few months ago; I already have several others in store. I'll release them one at a time if there's enough positive feedback on this one. So please criticize...
  9. Spectra

    Spectra Magazine open for submissions

    Hi everyone. Just joined up at Writing Forums, and wanted to let you know about our short fiction project, gearing up for launch at the beginning of September. Spectra Magazine is a monthly digital-only science fiction, fantasy and horror short fiction publication, available from a range of...