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  1. cullmeyer

    Hey All!

    Hi guys and gals! I am a 29-year-old fantasy and science fiction author with about ten years experience. I haven't had anything published, but I hope to at some point -- as I'm sure most of you do as well. I have written a few "real world" short stories in my time, so I have a grasp on more than...
  2. SerenataImmortale

    Best way of handling long back story?

    The sci-fi/fantasy story I'm working on has roughly 30 years of various events that lead up to the actual story. The only problem is, I'm having some trouble finding a good way to introduce this backstory, given that: - It is necessary to understand the basic premise of the "present day" story...
  3. MJCaan

    Earth's First (LANGUAGE)

    I've been working on this for a few months now. It's a superhero/ thriller novel. THe MC is a single mother in an abusive relationship. One day, she finds she has the power to fight back, but soon discovers that not only has she been changed, but so has the world around her. And not for the...
  4. SerenataImmortale

    What to do with young protagonist's parents?

    I have the issue of having a 17-year-old protagonist in a "journey" type sci-fi story I'm working on - (e.g, the main character leaves for distant locales, etc, etc.)- who is still at an age where his parents are still going to be a major force in his life. I'm finding it very difficult to...
  5. IndigoCypher


    This is the first chapter of my first book about a futuristic naval captain who goes rogue to stop an alien conspiracy. CHAPTER 1: Solus V “Union battlecruiser Atlantis on standby.” Jamal Sweens spoke slowly into the microphone on his wrist. He was my second in command, and my best friend while...
  6. C

    Apocalypse prologue-Chapter 3 (young adult)

    Hello fellow writers, I posted the first chapter a while back in the young adult section, but I think it should be here since it's sci-fi/fantasy. It's lengthy (three full chapters) so I hope that I catch your attention enough to read it. I appreciate any feedback, but I know these are the...
  7. G

    Sci-Fi War Story!

    Hello everyone! This is my first real attempt at writing, so please take into account that the most I have written before this is an essay or two. Background: Somehow (still working on it) aliens have landed. They are purple blooded, Predator-sounding Humanoids. They have set up a base...
  8. ElysiumXae

    The Masterpiece Project

    This time, I spelled the title right! I will post the first chapter and see what response comes out of it before posting the next chapter. Here it goes! Chapter One Joseph Hunger twists my stomach into knots. How long have I been here in this four-walled glass...
  9. K

    Reece Creatus (Chapters 1-2)

    1 Reece often dreamed of butterflies, the paper thin insects so intricate and beautiful, she longed to see one in real life. This dream proved to be quite different from her other dreams, she was standing in a forest, she had never seen a forest either but knew of them from movies and books. The...
  10. tWallace

    Chapter intro: Discovery

    Chapter 1: Discovery Sunrise hit the loft flooding the make shift living room. Light bounced off the plain white walls until taken over by the glow of a small table top television. The clock on the wall read just about 7:45am, the long hand was just about at the nine. Noises could be heard...
  11. D

    Advice on my story idea/summary?

    Dunno if this is the right place... hope so! If not, I'd appreciate if a mod could move it (: Anyway, I've been free writing a lil bit recently. I'm an artist but I also hope to be a novelist someday, so I want to start writing. I've never written a full story, but this shall be my first...
  12. Z

    Alt. History Type Thing: Critique Welcome

    So, I really did just get started on this. Like, a week ago. I only have a few pages, but any comments on what little I have would be more than appreciated. Thanks in advance. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 4th, 2050 London, Capital...