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  1. RyCat

    I was dumb enough to write a book and now I have no friends!

    Hey there everybody! I am Ryan and I wrote the "masterpiece" Infinity by Ryan Davidson. Eighty-thousand words, Thirty-three chapters, One-hundred percent rubbish. I thought that maybe someone here might peruse some chapters in order to step on my cubes for spreading my literary filth and...
  2. HighSchoolDropOut

    Feedback on my WIP elevator pitch

    I'm new here and this is my first serious attempt at writing fiction. I'm not ready to share any examples of what I've been writing, yet, but the post by @C.K.Johnson earlier inspired me to try posting my pitch, to get some feedback. Title: The Asteroid Engines In the near future, when western...
  3. R

    The Death of Our Future-Chapter 2-Bellise

    Bellise Pop, pop, pop, popopopopopopop The rhythmic sounds of shooting rang up and down the indoor range as rows upon rows of recruits took turns firing down the hall into paper targets, their form crisp and perfect. Except for one. Bellise Brownstone was talented at a lot of things. Give her...
  4. Lordoomer

    I have this idea for a book named Doomer the Shadow of Death

    It's about a guy who got killed by a violent gang of radical leftists because he was falsely accused of rape by their gang leader , but when he died, he had his chance of coming back to life if he won a game of Chess against the Grim Reaper, but if he loose then he goes to his earned afterlife...
  5. Odanata

    I have a Fantastic Story, and would like to collaborate!

    Hi, Looks like a very nice forum, I am Rory, I am a 46 year old male, from Ireland. Over the last 3 years I have written the first draft of a book that has been brewing in my mind over decades. It is young adult fiction set in Ireland in the year 2052 following a supernova event. The...
  6. The Carcosan Herald

    Yevtaliya: Crying Over Spilled Compote [4.4k words; sci-fi/mature content]

    (AUTHOR NOTE: If you find yourself at any point confused as to the context behind this story, you will want to read the story that precedes it in this conveniently-placed hyperlink.) ~ Katya's. The only Western-style fast food restaurant chain in the whole Mechanocracy. The only real...
  7. The Carcosan Herald

    Zina: An Incendiary Matter [4.2k words; sci-fi/mature content]

    (AUTHOR NOTE: If you find yourself at any point confused as to the context behind this story, you will want to read the story that precedes it in this conveniently-placed hyperlink.) ~ I like to think I'm pretty nifty with computers. After all, I put together a pretty decent gaming rig in my...
  8. The Carcosan Herald

    Sveta: A Gnarly Christmas Carol [7.2k words; sci-fi/mature content]

    (AUTHOR NOTE: If you find yourself at any point confused as to the context behind this story, you will want to read the story that precedes it in this conveniently-placed hyperlink.) ~ TODAY'S DATE: 04.02.2133 1. Did you forget what happened last night? [Yes/No] "Yes." 2. Do you have a...
  9. ParadoxBrother

    [GRAPHIC CONTENT] Warped Paradox Conceptualization | A Psychological Horror Game

    You can look at the title Warped Paradox, then you can look at my username. Wonder, "did he do that on purpose?" The answer is yes, yes I did. Now onto the topic at hand, something I'm excited about actually! While this isn't going to become an actual book or short story, I still wanted to post...
  10. seigfried007

    Speculative Fiction Stories that Editors See Too Often

    Bumped into this listing last night on Strange Horizons and figured it might help some of us make spiffier, more publishable stories (or spiffy up some we've already got). Feel free to add more unlikely-to-sell story ideas and what editors have told you about what they want or don't want to see.
  11. The Carcosan Herald

    Sonya: The Start of Something Bigger [3.3k words; sci-fi/mature content]

    Looking at Old Moscow today, you'd never have guessed this place was the seat of Russian power eighty-eight years ago, when the Great Technological Singularity of 2045 began to take hold. Back in the day, this place used to be a glittering metropolis. Immaculately-kept lawns, a thriving business...
  12. polaroidcaesar

    Mystery-Talker [7302 words]

    Hi, So, due to the length of this story, I've decided to post the Google Doc, so as to preserve the original formatting and not make a monstrous post to wade through. I've labored over this story for quite a while and am trying to prepare it for publication, but I'd like as much feedback about...
  13. S

    HeadJack - 963 Words.

    This is the beginning to a short story based in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I plan to continue it, but I would love getting some feedback first. Thank you for anything you have to say. HeadJack- I rolled quite literally out of the bed, straight onto the hard floor. Ouch, I thought...
  14. T

    S.Paralysis (working title maybe) 747 Words

    S.Paralysis (working title) 3965 Words Been a long time since Ive posted or been to this site. Looking to catch up on what some of you have been working on. Here is a little something I just whipped up. Its similar to something I wrote about a year ago but a little different. Have a read...
  15. T

    Untitled Young adult Sci-fi fantasy novel first draft 1st chapter ROUGH DRAFT

    Okay, this is a first draft of a Young Adult Sci-fi fantasy novel I am currently writing. I know my punctuation and grammar can be atrocious. Take in that I have only been focusing on the general story at this point. The refinement will come later ;-). This is the first chapter after the...
  16. JStoudt

    Character Introduction Short Story (1461 words)

    This was a little idea I had to try and drum up some interest for the novel I'm in the process of editing/publishing. Many people have given me the advice to start my writing career by writing short stories. Of course, I only got this advice after I wrote one and a half books of a five book...
  17. coraelise

    Wild Blue - A Dystopian Fiction: Chapter One

    The tour must have just begun when I stumbled upon it in my woods. It had actually interrupted my search for firewood, which had intensely irritated me. I'd spent the last three early fall nights adjusting to the deep cold that suddenly began arriving between midnight and sunrise - the Rockies...
  18. Y

    Bridges (Part 3)

    Part 3 of "Bridges." Parts 1 and 2 can be found here Dressed in crisp, black suits, paper cups full of steaming coffee flit down the sidewalks, briefcases in hands. Steam spirals from the tops and fills their...
  19. froman

    The Historian

    They came, they saw, they shrugged. They built and built. They had us. There was once a time when an external glimmer held power; the power to ignite an internal conflagration. Those days are gone, and the conflagration that surrounds us, barely heats the smoking coals behind our eyes. But...
  20. T

    Ingenuity (first page)

    Sci-fi/humour thing I'm editing at the moment. It was a result of trying to put more detail into my writing, and went from "short story for school project" to my English teacher saying "short stories, Theo, short". - My legs burned as I ran faster to make the relative cover of the tree farm. I...