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sci fi

  1. afkoppauthor

    Scifi Self-Publishing Order Help

    Hello! My name is Aggie (A. F. Kopp), and I'm currently writing/creating a sci-fi world. I'm writing the main series, but I have also been writing the prequel series with full novel-length plots, but it's about some of the "mentor" characters when their adventure first starts. I dabbled in...
  2. R

    The Death of Our Future-Prologue

    Prologue Rain splattered down on a pockmarked sidewalk, creating puddles lit by the neon glow of a hundred different advertisements. “Why settle for second-rate upgrades? Call Knocorp and literally wheel yourself out of our office!” “Need a pick-me-up? Grab an Ardorbar™ and you won’t sleep...
  3. Hamdog

    City of Ash - 250 words

    Dystopian SciFi 
    This is my first post here. A heavily abbreviated plot synopsis I just whipped up of a trilogy I've been working on. I would appreciate any feedback/constructive criticism on how the book sounds, or if it would be something you think you'd be into, thank you very much. City of Ash Realistic...
  4. dan_penrose

    Writing my first book-- didn't realize I would need people to talk to about it!

    I'm Dan! I've been writing songs a very long time, and poetry just about as long, but I really thought I was a musician first through all that. Was not until recently I realized that I get along with writers a lot more than the musicians. Very strange thing. I am here to learn and to share and...
  5. S

    The Industrialization of Consciousness(Sci Fi, 4,993)

    Hey first time posting, been working hard on this, looking for any sort of feedback thanks. Word count: 4,993 The Industrialization of Consciousness S.T. Kennedy Chapter 1 In one of the many small and quiet rooms, the Astronaut looked out...
  6. Etherhibba

    Genesis: The Awakening (Sci-Fi - WIP - language - 8k+ words)

    *Critique welcome and encouraged. Series is currently ongoing and chapters 4-6 are on the way. Genesis: The Awakening A story by Tyler P. Skymba PROLOGUE Earth is long gone to the Human race. Here in the future, religion is dead and there are no nation states or interspecies...
  7. hvysmker

    A Time For Love 2 of 3

    An Immortal can't seem to win his gal. Synopsis: At the age of 80, Johnny Adams will die, only to rise again in his own 10 year old body. Each time, he strives to win a lost love, left long before on a tiny Pacific island. Each time, he strives, yearns, for her eternal affection, coming close...
  8. hvysmker

    A Time For Love 1 of 3

    An Immortal can't seem to win his gal. Nerves on edge, face pressed to an oval porthole, I watch from a window seat of a Douglas DC-3 as the aircraft circles a small island in the Marianas. It's February in the year 1953, less than ten years after the war. Another war is raging in Korea but...
  9. Moxis

    Artificial King book 1/20 chapter 1Hindsight

    The air was stale. The six of us sat in the dark, cold and confused, trying to stay calm unsure of what is to become of us. They have already separated us into two groups, the rest of the other hundred sailors where in the second group being lead into what they called the Apokalight Chamber. The...
  10. froman

    Trash Corps - Ch.2 warning: Language; violence

    Kellan threw his duffle down at the foot of his bed and sat on the edge of the stiff bunk. The barrack was exceptionally stark and gloomy, lit by only one bare hanging bulb every twenty feet. On the way to his own hall he had passed several others with numbered signs above the open doorways. The...
  11. S

    Glad to be a part of WF!

    Hi all, Looking forward to learning more about WF and all its members! I am from Colorado and enjoy prose and poetry in all shapes and sizes. Working on a political novel set in Peru at the moment and can't wait to read and share! Hope 2011 has treated you well --and that 2012 is even...
  12. bazz cargo

    Before The Garden Of Eden

    p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Before The Garden Of Eden Time travel has, unsurprisingly become the historians favourite tool. By skipping back a few millennia they have been able to closely observe what really happened. The crucifixion. The last words of Nelson. The last words of Einstein...
  13. bazz cargo

    Archaeology 3010

    Archaeology 3010 Removed for entry to a competition. Thanks to all those who helped me work this up.