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  1. AwkwardWriter

    What a Day: Homework Overload!

    I was talking with my father about two weeks ago. We discussed many things, but as we were driving to a hebdomadal study group, the topic was school. I have two studyhall periods in the morning, and since my father teaches a class there, we have to arrive an hour before anything even starts...
  2. R

    Growing up

    I went to mother, she guided me to school I went to school, they guided me to college I went to college, they guided me to society I went to society, it guided me to go home I went home found my mother Surprise! I was grown up!
  3. S

    Talk with the councilor

    What do you think? Any ideas on what I can add/take out? Does it sound natural? I'm no councillor, so i am clueless as to what they would ask a kid. Got any more questions I could get the councillor to ask? ----------------------------- Kid: You called me down? Councillor: Yes, take a seat...
  4. J


    Hey guys, figured I ought to share something with you all. Here's a poem I wrote a while back while I was in my third semester of college. It's more of a performance piece, but I hope you enjoy. Complacency Wake up, Eat Breakfast, Go to Class, Eat Lunch, Go to Class, Eat Dinner, Play mind...
  5. Prinkes

    Why were kids unpopular in your school?

    Why were kids unpopular in your school? I'm interested in any age group - I'm just curious as to why certain kids become outcasts and others do not. For instance, in my high school, kids became unpopular if they started to care about something - the minute they showed in an interest in...
  6. K

    My Life - A Nix Reslian Story -1,544 words

    This was done in a skills class. we had to write a story that had 4 twists to it. An evil charter An explosion A beach/the ocean talking animals So its sort of random but i got a great grade on it and so i figured i would post it. Please let me know what you think of it and what i could...
  7. B

    The Jew