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  1. MelinaTheWriter

    Writing everyday scenes without being boring

    I'm not really sure if this question makes any sense, but I will try my luck anyway 🙂 One of the things I find hardest in writing is those scenes that aren't action scenes as such but rather fulfil the function of showing the characters more in depth and maybe let them interact with each other...
  2. MidKnightLover

    HELP: Scene idea???

    So I'm having major writer's block.....](*,) I need a scene/accident idea that would cause my protagonist it hit her head, causing skull to crack and internal bleeding to the brain. It has to be an accident, falling, car crash, bike accident, ect. The girl is in 8th grade. There is a guy...
  3. LadyT

    Ensemble scenes

    Zombie Thread of the Day: Yes, I only do these a few weeks apart, but it's still the ZOMBIE THREAD OF THE DAY!!! - VRanger I'm writing a short story that opens with a round-table discussion involving ten characters. Naturally I've got some challenges on my hands. What is the highest number of...