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  1. Tomkat

    The Paragraph Problem

    Hello, I need some words of advice. I have a problem with separating paragraphs. Please consider the example scene below: “Go away." He says dispassionately. The creature sniffs his boot, then the yellow phlegm. “Yeah, I made that.” The four-legged canine troll whines and the two-legged...
  2. Xan

    The Dream, Fantasy, First Scene, 1379 words

    Looking for initial thoughts and constructive criticism for the first scene of the first chapter of my current WIP. I appreciate all the thoughts on my prologue, and thank you in advance for any and all responses to this one. :-D In particular, I tried something a little unconventional and am...
  3. Elsey2

    Love scene from story (Ronnie & Madison) - Chapter 12 "Don't Leave Me"

    Part of the romance story I am writing. (I will repost if this the formatting is messed up). I'm not great at titles, so if anyone has input on that I would gladly take advice! :) I sat by the window ledge and watched in the distance as the ocean’s high tide casted wavesup over a short rock...
  4. J

    A scene from a story that I might write.

    Hello! I'm actually trying to get organized and write a story. This is just a rough draft of a scene from a book series I might write someday. The story itself is going to be a mix of action/heist/romance/comedy with a little bit of suspense...yeah I know, too much hahaha. It's going to be about...