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  1. Insolitus

    The Safe [Horror; Mature]

    How do you cut rose bushes, why do you cut them? What am I doing? These questions ran through my mind as I pretended to know what I was doing. As long as I did my my boss left me alone. This was my third consecutive week as being a gardener/handyman for Arthur DeMarco, and since it was either...
  2. B

    The Madness In The Mines

    The Madness in the Mines I can’t see. I feel the wet and slippery ground beneath me. There is a pain pulsating through my head. The air is cold and tastes salty. I’m freezing. Slowly I try to heave myself off the ground, but a numbing pain shoots through my bones and I’m falling right back and...
  3. Elsey2

    Mischief Night - Part 1

    Crisp, autumn leaves danced over the asphalt in the parking lot at West River High School. Tori Lane fiddled with the keys to her silver Oldsmobile and hugged her body as a gust of wind washed over the campus of the small New England town. She pulled the hood of her sweatshirt up to cover...
  4. Nixrp

    Step on a crack...(language)

    Title to the story isn't final. This is just something I wrote in class after finishing all of my work. Will most likely keep working on it, improving, adding onto. Fully open to criticism etc. I've been trying to write more horror or just poke at different genres. So, here it is! (keep in mind...
  5. D

    The Stall at the End (Word: 1562)

    Author Note:This story I wrote is based on a nightmare I had awhile back. Constructive Criticism is always welcome! Since I am a film major student I decided to write everything in present tense. Enjoy! Story: It is the middle of the afternoon when a quiet public bathroom is slowly being filled...
  6. S

    Ideas that would make a small town scary?

    Hi All, I've decided to start writing my first novel which is going to be a horror and would love some ideas that would make a small town creepy. It could be the people, atmosphere and generally anything that would make a small town of say 200 people or so, frightening. I'd also prefer it if...