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  1. R


    So I was sitting on my couch after work tonight, I don't know why but the concept for this song hit me out of nowhere. It's more of my usual desperately sad stuff about looking over the edge of a cliff at my favorite go-to spot where I like to go when I'm sad or lonely. I have a tune in my...
  2. R

    Die Dreaming

    I somewhat recently purchased a course on the website Udemy taught by a Nashville songwriter and wrote this song in about an hour and a half after completing the course. I am 30 years old and have a nervous disorder (disorder of the nerves, not 'nervous' as in anxious or apprehensive) that has...
  3. JellyTrigger

    Sunset Tower (1627 Words) (Explicit word warning)

    Dear fellow writers, I know it has been a long time since I have posted here. I recently had affairs come up that sapped away most of my free time and was not able to write much. I hope to change that for this new 2018 year hopefully. Please enjoy my short story below, as I still believe it...
  4. W

    Chemo (Short Story)

    Chemo The radio kicked and sputtered – then suddenly, sound. A still came over me as Bruce Springsteen’s “Back in Your Arms” filled the car. My pupils dilate as the melody melts the world around me. My breathing slows, and my body relaxes. I take a breath. It was a horrible, horrible...
  5. LostInIllusions


    “I love you.” he breathed, his breath tickling her ear. He kissed a trail of kisses from the side of her neck, making his way up to her lips. “I love you so much.” “I love you too.” She whispered back. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of him pressed up against her. She needed nothing...
  6. starchild

    Her Century

    A paper is creased, before it sets sail across the sky; quiet child sits alone, too scared to stop him from shaking her again; with such chagrin she wants to know why. The lunatic ponders the notion of this frame around her skin if only they could break away from their house built with sin...
  7. Ames

    Wounded Heart

    I wrote this for a creative writing assignment. I don't usually get much feedback on my short stories, so I'd like some honest opinions. Don't be afraid to knit-pick! Thanks :) As I gaze out the window and into the devastatingly beautiful sunset, I know that regardless of my struggles to...
  8. The Blue Pencil

    Discarded Goldmine

    Just a simple poem I wrote a few nights ago. There's a box on the mantle Dull gray colored, it's old and harsh. Mom wanted to throw it out I saw something different than what they saw. In its emptiness There lie a secret. In its dull ugliness slept a giant. And then I was kicking...
  9. W

    Love At First Sight

    LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Anonymous: Hey Anne, may I borrow your bag? Anne: (Handed it over- Quite confused...) Anonymous: (Tagged a key-chain to her bag) They say it brings good luck.. (Smiled and left.) Anne: (Clueless.. She was left staring at that boy as he walks away.) For months...
  10. W

    Euthanasia (Language)

    EUTHANASIA Memories of A Dying Man JANUARY 17, 2011 Anne, A stranger told me that a dream, is the only place where a man could understand the definition, of a perfect freedom. I used to cling unto what he said. So, the moment I got home, following that 13-hour flight, I...
  11. U


    hope is lost but these tears won't fall not when goodbye means forever & this pain is too much not when sorry can't be said because it can't be anything but over words can't be spoken & lies can't be told this friendship ran much to deep too sudenly just break. pride is overated but the words...