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  1. S

    Free Poetry

    Are there any hard-and-fast rules about writing free poetry. I am in the learning curve. Thank you!
  2. lumino

    Style Guide Rules vs Artful Grammar

    When asking a question on Quora about the need to revolve sentences around strong verbs I was told that people designed such rules because aspiring writers don't want to take the time to learn grammar, and that if I want to create a masterpiece I might need to ignore such rules. I am reminded...
  3. lumino

    Rules for Easy to Understand Writing

    If you could give me one rule for making sure that my writing is easy to understand, what would it be? What you recommend that I follow any of the rules found in style guides, or that I avoid using long or embedded phrases? I read in one article that “The length of a sentence isn’t what makes it...
  4. lumino

    Hopefully, I have made some progress.

    I have long undertaken to master writing, but have faced setbacks time after time for neglecting to follow certain rules. Though many have critiqued short pieces I wrote, advising me to follow those rules, I refused to do so because I thought I needed to achieve my goal through some other means...
  5. S

    Book Submission - and the 3 chapter rule

    Hi there, Just had a question re book submissions for novels. I hear a lot of talk about 3 chapters being the standard for submission - but what if your chapters are really short? Do the same rules apply? Should one condense things and push them together to make less chapters - even if there...